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Four Achievable New Year’s Resolutions in 2019

It is almost 2019, and you’ve probably started to think about your New Year’s Resolutions. Am I right? So many people commit to huge New Year’s resolutions that are nearly impossible to achieve. Then, they end up not reaching their goals. One suggestion I have for you...

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How food affects your Mood and Energy Level

Food is referred to as being the best mood elevator. Food is one single thing, which each and every human loves, their cravings may differ but they do love it regardless of anything. When you feel totally insane in the morning just from getting up what helps you to...

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What women have to say about Keeping Fit After 40…

Thank you for starting this challenge.

It totally helped me fight the good fight this week. I surpassed my lowest weight this morning at weigh in, putting me at a -64.6 weight loss total (I had been stuck at 60 for months). I met my physical goal this week (74k Fitbit steps in 5 days). I cut out sugar, white stuff, and my (beloved) processed frozen meals….though due to ease I will bring those back. I met the water goal every day except today. The best part….I’m still feeling motivated.Thank you again! – Julie W.

I can't recommend Lisa's Bootcamp enough.

I am happy to say that my goal of cutting sugar was done in Week 3 of the bootcamp and all the good information since is a bonus. – Kris M.

Thank you so much for the recommendations you gave on Day 1.

Not only are my hot flashes gone but I have more energy and motivation than I had in a long time. – Christina B.

Let’s Celebrate Midlife:

A Guide to Thriving and Flourishing in Our Forties and Beyond

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