Let’s Celebrate Midlife:

A Guide to Thriving and Flourishing in Our Forties and Beyond

Forget the phrase “midlife crisis.” Celebrate turning forty with certified international health coach Lisa Stigliano, who leads by example in her inspirational self-help book Let’s Celebrate Mid Life.

The book is broken down into sections including self-care, beauty after a certain age, staying positive, and more. Lisa shares her twelve tips to eating through midlife in order to lose weight and increase energy. She also shares six secrets to staying positive and lists questions throughout to encourage women to journal about their own experiences.

About the Author

Stigliano is a certified international health coach and founder of Keeping Fit After 40, which helps women over forty transition naturally into the second half of their lives.

Her book serves as a call to action for women to celebrate—not dread—turning forty years old. It can be a new beginning, a new chapter in life, as women charge ahead to find their own path. The first half of our lives is only practice. The second half is when many find their purpose in life and get it right. She shows us how.

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